Rings for your Boyfriend

We’ve been talking about most men that don’t like to wear jewelry or accessories, but let’s not forget about all the men that actually do like to wear jewelry.  After all, you are looking to get him a nice gift so that you can help him celebrate.  There are definitely a lot of men who are stylish and like to be sporting jewelry with them on a daily basis.  If not wearing it every day, then at least perhaps they will like to wear them when they go out clubbing or to the bars.  Although, if he likes to be fashionable and look great, then most likely you are also a girl who likes to wear nice clothing and look great as well!  After all, that would certainly make you one of the perfect couples out there!

If your boyfriend likes to wear jewelry, then the next gift you should get him is a ring.  Rings usually signify a sort of commitment like marriage, but that doesn’t mean that all rings are for that purpose.  To get him something that is manly, it is best to get less-dainty looking things and get rings that are larger and have more corners.  Those types of rings look good on a man and can be worn on different fingers, just make sure not to have him wear it on his ring finger; that one is saved for the future, perhaps you?  Stainless steel is a good material to choose, otherwise, one of the best materials to use is titanium as it is a tough material for sure.

There are a lot of different looks to the rings, but the important thing is to make sure that the ring is the right size as rings come in different sizes.  Although you can use a ring chart and measure the actual size of his finger, there is one problem with that idea.  Once you start measuring his finger size, you’ll already raise a lot of red flags and your gift for him will no longer be a surprise to him!  Here’s a tip to help you get around that.  Usually, someone’s ring finger will coincide with his shoe size, so if he wears size 9 shoes it would be a good estimate to get him a size 9 ring.  This way, you can still surprise him with a ring but have the best chance to get him the right ring size!












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