Vintage Sunglasses for Your Boyfriend

Sunglasses are an important part of every man’s wardrobe.  There are only so many accessories that can “make the man” and sunglasses are one of them, especially in the summer months.  Having a nice wristwatch is the best accessory that you can get your boyfriend as an anniversary present.  But if you’ve already given him one, then perhaps it is time to get him a pair of Vintage Sunglasses for his Anniversary present.

Nowadays, wearing a pair of vintage sunglasses can be a huge fashion statement, so if your boyfriend is a fashion-forward male (of, if you secretly hope he is one), the right pair of vintage sunglasses for your boyfriend is going to do the trick.  Frames can come in a multitude of styles, and while some styles usually fit certain face shapes better than others, ultimately the person wearing them has to like them.  However, there are a few guidelines that will certainly help you pick the right pair for him.

When buying a vintage pair of sunglasses, here are the tips that you generally want to follow in order to choose the right pair.  If your boyfriend has a round face, then it is important to try to create angles.  With many vintage style frames, they are generally thicker and wider than normal ones, so it will be best to pick a vintage frame that is made of metal and has a smaller bridge near the node.

If your boyfriend has an oblong face, choosing a deep frame will make his face look shorter and more balanced.  If he has a square shaped face, then it is vest to pick sunglasses frames that are rounded and help to soften the angles of his face.  If he has a diamond-shaped face, the best types of frames that will work for him will be cat-eyed frames or oval frames.  The best face shape for any type of sunglasses frames will certainly be the oval face.  If he has an oval face, then you can basically pick any type of frame shape and it has a great chance of looking great on his face!










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