Best Sweaters for Boyfriend’s Birthday Gift

Although sweaters might seem like a really cheesy Christmas gift that your grandmother will give you, if you choose the right type of gift for your boyfriend, your boyfriend will actually look a lot better in them! There are a few types of common sweaters, and the range in different colors, weights and styles. However, all of the sweaters will generally fall into three main categories. Which category you get will depend on what you want to get your boyfriend for his birthday! The first category are the cardigans. These sweaters usually open in the front and have either a button or zipper closure. They are usually worn over another shirt and is the middle layer between the shirt and the topcoat. Another type of sweater is the pullover, which gets its name from the way that you wear them. These sweaters do not open and must be put over the head in order for your boyfriend to wear them. Most people wear them over a T-shirt or a button dress shirt, but some of these casual pullovers can be war on its own. The third category of sweaters is usually the sweater vest. The sweater vest is armless and can either open up in the front like the cart again, or be pulled over the head like a pullover. Since these sweater vests do not have sleeves, they would not be as warm as a full sweater, if worn on their own, but under the right jacket it will prevent your boyfriends arms from looking bulky. Can you find a sweater that your boyfriend will look good in?

Zanerobe Men’s Sloan Cardigan Sweater


Victorinox Men’s Vx Traveler Sweater


Blue Marlin Men’s Italia Fleece Hoodie


Diesel Men’s Serge Olive Brown Sweater


Kenneth Cole Men’s Half Zip Mock Black Sweater



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