Fiction Book Series Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

In these days of convenience and being efficient with our time, often we don’t even have time to read anymore.  Many people would much rather watch a 2 hour movie than spend a few days reading a book of the same content.  However, some of you, and more importantly your boyfriends, might prefer reading fiction books to watching movies.  You both probably already know why you like to do that, despite the convenience of being spoon-fed in movies.  There is something to be said about a humans ability to be imaginative, and reading fiction books is just the perfect avenue to use your imagination and create your own worlds (even though the author helped to jump start it).

Did you ever read the book series Lord of the Rings before the movie came out?  Many people had to read them as a school assignment (which is how I got around to reading it in the first place).  But I remember reading the Lord of the Rings and having to imagine exactly what the characters looked like, the house they lived in and what how their battles are fought.  But when the movies came out and I watched it with my boyfriend, the first thought in my head was that they got all the details wrong!  It wasn’t what I imagine it to be.

So even among all the convenience of our modern society, there is something to be said about exercising your own imagination.  What better way than to read through an entire book series from start to finish and start developing your own take on what the author had in mind!  If your boyfriend is someone that likes to read, perhaps this would be a great gift that you two can share together.  The following book series are definitely the hottest ones on the market and any of them will keep you two busy for a long time.  Whether this is a birthday gift for you boyfriend or an anniversary gift, helping each other to keep the brain sharp and the imagination intact will also help you to strengthen your relationship over time!










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