Funny T-Shirt Gifts for Boyfriend

Some guys have a weird sense of humor. You know how they like to joke and laugh at everything, but it doesn’t always seem to make sense, or it seems immature? Well, for those of you ladies who have a guy like that, we know what it’s like! Unfortunately, you have to take all the good along with the bad right? So, while you may or may not share the same sense of humor, you can at least try a little to be supportive of him!

Many times, a well-thought out gift can be the perfect way to show some of your affection to your boyfriend and it doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot of money either. As some men aren’t as in tune with their emotional feelings as much as women are, you can probably help to break down that barrier and get him to kiss you and hug you after he truly sees how you understand him and his personality without judgment.

This is why we’re recommending a simple t-shirt as part of your gift basket for your boyfriend on his birthday! If he’s got that weird sense of humor, then you can be sure he would love to wear one of these shirts. Whether it is the bright pink t-shirt that shows how secure he is in his masculinity, or the ever-loving unicorn t-shirt that is sure to make him and his buddies laugh, getting him something of this nature will make him proud to wear it. Not only that, he’ll be thinking of you when he does as well! There’s no need to shy away from getting something that isn’t expensive just because our society values expensive materials. Your loving gesture that is completely judgment-free will mean more to him than anything you can put a price tag to!

Which of these t-shirts would your boyfriend like the most?


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