Inline Skates for Boyfriend’s Birthday Gift

Does your boyfriend like outdoor activities? If he does not already have a pair of in-line skates, this would make a great birthday gift for him. There are quite a few different types of in-line skates, each one with a specific purpose. The most common types of in-line skates include recreational skates, fitness skates, roller hockey skates, and aggressive skates. The one common thing that all of the skates have is that it features a boot, connected to a frame, with wheels mounted to the frame. Some skates have a brake attached to the back of the frame, but it is uncommon to find them on hockey skates or aggressive skates. So depending on what type of in-line skates came you in your boyfriend will most likely be doing, that should dictate what type of in-line skates you get for his birthday gift.  But unless your boyfriend specifically plays hockey with in-line skates, or likes to skate aggressively and do tricks, you will most likely be purchasing a pair of recreational in-line skates. These are designed for anyone who is simply looking to go out and enjoy the outdoors, whether that is taking a quick stroll around the neighborhood, indoors at an indoor skating rink, or along an in-line skate trail with a view. It can be quite a nice romantic activity for you and your boyfriend to participate in together! What a great birthday gift for him and for you!


Rollerblade Men’s Tempest 100 Performance Skate



Vanilla Assassin Inline Skates



Roller Derby Ventura 950-ZX Men’s Inline Skates



Roces USA Men’s Metropolis Inline Skates



K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. 84 Boa Inline Skates



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