Nice Watches under $100 for your Boyfriend

Not all guys like to wear jewelry or accessories, but if there’s only one accessory that your boyfriend should have it is definitely a nice wristwatch.  Since guys don’t have a lot of options in terms of accessories, making sure that the watch he wears makes a statement is one of the most important things to think of when looking for a great birthday gift for your boyfriend.  Although many of the nicest watches are quite expensive, and can often cost thousands of dollars, we’re going to explore a few different options here that are available for under $100.

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a watch is figuring out which style best suits your boyfriend.  If he is someone that likes to be active and plays a lot of sports then getting him a sports watch that he can be active with is the best choice for him.  This includes a watch that has a chronograph and is built sturdy so that it can withstand all the activity.  If your boyfriend is someone that is fashionable and knows how to dress himself well, then getting a fashion watch that is trendy and flashy would be the best thing to get him.

There are essentially two different movement types for a watch, quarts or mechanical.  Mechanical watches are one of the first types of watch movements ever made.  It is a combination of springs and gears that need to wound up in order for the watch to keep time.  Of the mechanical watches, some are automatic and self-winding, and the other type is the ones that you need to hand-wind so that they can keep functioning.  With the invention of quartz crystal, you can now keep time quite precisely and without many costs.  All you need with a quartz crystal is a battery and it can run for years to come.  So, when looking for a watch under $100 for your boyfriend’s birthday, make sure to get him something that can help him make a good statement.  He’ll surely be grateful with his gift and you’ll like that he looks great when he’s out with you.



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