what to get your boyfriend for christmas
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What to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas


If you’re hoping there’s a foolproof list out there giving you perfect Christmas gifts for boyfriend, it’s too bad because it doesn’t exist no matter how good you are at finding the best boyfriend gifts! We are all good girlfriends and are always asking what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, and that’s because men are hard to shop for since they’re picky and don’t always give tell-tale signs of what they need or want. But, over time, the girls have come together and figured out a few tricks up our sleeves and we’ve got a few good Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, so don’t worry, we’ll have this all sorted out once and for all!

Great Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend


If you thought it was a daunting task to find a gift for boyfriend birthday easily, Christmas gifts can be harder especially since a lot of our boyfriends act all self-sufficient and act like they don’t need anything. Actually, it seems like they have everything they want or need anyway, so perhaps some of that is true. But, we find that there’s always something our boyfriends want (besides us), in one way or another. To narrow it down, we’ve decided to split gifts into four categories. We’ll go into a few basic options here, and you can jump into the further links to find out if there’s anything that will work for your boyfriend as well.

Many times, we found that Christmas present for boyfriend can be separated into these four types: Funny Gifts, Practical GiftsRomantic Gifts and Thoughtful Gifts.

Funny Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Humor is always a great way to break the ice, get to know someone but it is also a great way to lift up spirits and bond together.  Because of this, if you’re still asking yourself what to get my boyfriend for Christmas, we think that giving funny Christmas gifts to your boyfriend would be a great idea to get a laugh out of it together.  Please note, there’s a difference between a gag gift and a funny gift.  We don’t like gag gifts too much since they can sometimes hurt people’s feelings without you even knowing it, since they play on stereotypes which can potentially be tied into self-insecurities.  But, with funny gifts whether just for Christmas or also for your one year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend, we’re all for it!  So here are a few different options you can look into for this Christmas!

The Snuggie Sutra

christmas gifts for boyfriendYou’ve probably all heard of the Snuggie blanket that made its way around many Christmas presents around the world only to be laughed at by people that got one as a gift, people that gave one as a gift and many talk show hosts all over TV.  Well, finally, someone had a great idea to make sure that the Snuggies don’t go to waste.  For you and your boyfriend, you can have a great laugh over the Snuggie Sutra.  While Boyfriend Giftionary is a relatively family-friendly website, we don’t want to go into too many details, but it basically helps you two to position yourselves for maximum comfort while sharing a two-person Snuggie  This is certainly one of the funniest gifts you can give that will have maximum laughs and giggles for a long time to come!  If you don’t already have a Snuggie, well make sure to get him one as well!



christmas gift ideas for boyfriendIf your boyfriend was a diehard breaking bad fan, then he might already have this item, but in the chance that he does not have it yet, you should be the one to get it for him!  This is truly a nice a funny Christmas gift as it is the ultimate bundle for any Breaking Bad fan.  It contains the Fry Batter Bucket from Los Pollos Hermanos, you know, the one where they hid the drugs for transportation!  To help your boyfriend recreate his love for his favourite TV show, it comes complete with blue rock candy that looks just like the signature Heisenberg products that are so desirable in the show.  Not to be outdone, there are a few stickers and decals that he can have fun with!


Practical Christmas Gift ideas for Boyfriend

If you’re not sure what type of Christmas present to get your boyfriend still, you can’t go wrong with choosing a practical gift.  But you must choose carefully, in order for the gift to be practical it must be something that he can put to good use after receiving it.  So most likely, he may have already expressed an interest in something he really needs, either because he doesn’t have that item, or he has one and it is worn out and needs replacement.  Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with practical gifts.  It may not have the flash and flair that evokes some emotional response from your boyfriend, but he will certainly be appreciative and receptive of your nurture for him with a practical gift!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Bag

christmas gift for boyfriendDue to the fact that most men don’t carry a purse around they often find themselves scrambling to look for a bag whenever they need to carry something.  Whether it is for school or going to work, it is good for your man to have a nice bag to hold his personal belongings.  Be it his books, computer, lunch or your picture, the bag should be something respectable (like from Kenneth Cole) and not a plastic grocery bag (boy, do I have stories!).  If you take the initiative to give him a great looking and stylish leather side bag, he’ll be using it for years to come.  Especially with this Kenneth Cole Reaction leather bag.  It is made of 100% leather and room for a computer, as well as a front pocket for holding his loose accessories.  With an adjustable and padded leather shoulder strap, he can be proud to use the gift that his wonderful girlfriend gave him for Christmas!


Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel and Leather Brown Dial Watch

what to get my boyfriend for christmasAnother very practical gift that you look into if you’re still wondering what should I get my boyfriend for Christmas is a nice everyday wrist watch.  There’s something very practice about a Seiko watch as it helps to keep time and the date.  This is not only useful for helping him to keep track of his daily schedule, but it also ensures that he is always on time when coming to pick you up for your dates!  The great thing about this Seiko Stainless Steel and Brown Leather watch is that it can double as a casual watch with jeans and t-shirts, but also be worn with business casual clothes.  This will ensure he can wear the watch whenever he needs without first consulting his fashion stylists (you!).  Since you got him the gift, whether for Christmas or as a Valentines gift for boyfriend, it is something he can wear with pride and keep track of his day with ease.  It is the perfect definition of practicality!


Romantic Christmas Present for Boyfriend

Well, he IS your boyfriend after all!  So there is a place for romance and romantic gifts, even for Christmas (although sometimes romantic gifts might be better kept private and not opened in front of the whole family during Christmas!).  We’re not sure what stage your relationship is at, but you must have had some romantic attraction to start any relationship at all, so we think it is still appropriate for romantic gifts.  After all, Christmas is a time to spend with your family and loved ones.  So whether you’ve reached the “I Love You” stage or not, you can still nurture those feelings and express them to each other.  And if it is snowing outside, then all the more reason to get cuddly indoors, over a warm cup of cocoa and sitting in front of the fire under a blanket!

BoldLoft “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases

christmas present for boyfriendWhat’s better and more romantic that matching pillowcases!  BoldLoft was one of the first companies to make matching, and complimentary products for you and your boyfriend.  That way, whether you’re physically together or not, you can still be reminded of the love you share and each other’s presence.  If you don’t live together, you can either each have one of these BoldLoft pillowcases so that you can know the other person remembers you while they sleep, or you can have one set in each of your beds so that they are a constant reminder of each other!  But, aren’t they so cute?  The guy is obviously blushing while whispering his sweet nothings to his sweetheart, and his girlfriend on the other end is blushing in delight.  Can you imagine you two doing that for real?


NIX X08D 8 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

christmas gift for boyfriendAlthough guys like to act tough on the outside, many of them are just as soft and gooey on the inside as we are (romantically, that is).  Some of us here at Boyfriend Giftionary have given this gift to our boyfriends before and we’ve had good responses!  Basically, what you want to do is purchase a digital picture frame, and load it up with all of your best pictures.  You know, pictures of your first date, first kiss, first trip and any other milestone moments that you’ve shared together.  Then you can give this to him so that he can see your pictures and revel in the fact that you’ve had such a wonderful time together.  This frame from NIX is 8 inches and has a motion sensor that automatically turns on when someone enters the room and off when they leave, so you don’t have to waste energy.  This is great gift especially if you don’t always have the chance to see each other all the time!


Thoughtful Christmas Present Ideas for Boyfriend

This category is a little harder to list out suggestions, because thoughtful boyfriend Christmas gifts can come in all shapes and sizes since it will depend entirely on what your boyfriend needs.  However, we can give a few examples that you can work off of and try to see if you can find the best fit for your boyfriend.  We would say that a thoughtful gift is something that your boyfriend will not expect, but because the gift was given for a particular reason, it will be even more greatly appreciated that any other gift he could receive.  So, outside of the actual pleasure and joy of receiving the gift, your boyfriend will recognize that you took the time to think about what the person might really appreciate, either due to need or want, instead of just giving him the obvious gifts for his hobbies.

Ubongo Extreme

what should i get my boyfriend for christmasHere, we’ll give you an example of a thoughtful gift.  One of our boyfriends had a new job and worked in a place that required him to use a lot of spatial thinking capabilities (think architecture and design).  He had training in college to do this, but always struggled with this aspect.  So his girlfriend sat down long and hard about how to help him achieve what he needs at work without being unsupportive.  Finally, after much thinking and looking around, she decided to give him the Ubongo Extreme gift.  It’s a board game, so why would she do that?  Well, the game revolves around putting different puzzle pieces together in a certain shape, and everyone has to try to beat the other persons time and finish first.  Although it is just a game, because you have to put shapes together fast, it forces a person to use the spatial area of their brain.  Over time, her boyfriend got better at this game and found it helped him at work too!  So, the perfect Christmas gift is a thoughtful one that he never expected!  Not only that, this game is quite fun too, so don’t be afraid to get it just as a normal Christmas present as well.


Garmin nüvi 40LM Portable GPS Navigator

what to get boyfriend for christmasHere’s another example of a thoughtful gift that can perhaps help you narrow down what you’d like to get your boyfriend.  Another one of our boyfriends found himself travelling a lot, and was always on the road.  He would look up his destinations in Google Maps and then use his phone to look for the location.  But sometimes phone reception wouldn’t be very good and he couldn’t get access to the maps that he needed, like what you would get from a GPS from Garmin.  So, when his girlfriend was looking for different things to get your boyfriend for Christmas, she decided that a nice GPS system from Garmin was perfect as that didn’t require an internet connection.  That way he could access the directions no matter where he was.

So, we hope that you’ve found some great help in looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend and have answered your question of what to get your boyfriend for Christmas!  Make sure to check out all the sales at Amazon and save a large chunk of money buying all your gifts there.  Sometimes it’s hard to find, so we’ve included a special link to find all sale items that are discounted by at least 50% or more below.  Happy Shopping!

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