Funny Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Don’t you love that scene in Mary Poppins where they start laughing and float up to the ceiling? One person is laughing, and then another, and before they know it, Mary and the kids and Bert are all up on the ceiling laughing their heads off. Laughter is one of the most contagious acts there is. Share some laughs with your boyfriend this year with some funny gifts for Christmas that will have you both laughing…and falling more in love.


Dinner & Movie Date Night

Gift certificates for dinner plus a movie equals date night for you, and laughs for him (pick a funny movie you know he’s dying to see!). Laughing together over funny movies draws people closer together, and creates a lasting bond between the two of you that will remind him of how fun you are – and how much you enjoy his company. Add a great dinner out where you can talk and laugh, and you have the makings of a beautiful evening






Bowling with Boyfriend

Something about seeing your boyfriend in a pair of bowling shoes, with a custom bowling ball is sure to create a few laughs. Take up bowling together as a new hobby, and laugh your way to the snack bar after you’ve shown him you own the bowling alley lane. Get your own custom ball (and shoes if the gross bowling shoes are too much to think about) and bowling night will become a regular event.






Matching Pajamas

The only time this isn’t embarrassing is Christmas, so take advantage of it. (Don’t overdo here – the object is funny – not weird.) Get his and hers naughty or nice matching pajamas, and you’ll be looking forward to Christmas every year. The biggest question will be who gets to be naughty and who gets to be nice?







This is one of those gifts that you kind of snicker at, and then go, Wait. I love bacon. Bacon of the Month delivers 2 pounds of delicious gourmet bacon right to your guy’s front door. From Pig of the Month BBQ, this yummy gift will make him laugh, and then maybe he’ll make you breakfast. Win, win!






Man of Steel

Get him his very own superhero costume, and let him know that he’s YOUR superhero. Choose his favorite character – IronMan, Batman, Superman and he will laugh…and then go put it on for you to check him out. The only problem you’ll have is that he will want to wear it everywhere. Fortunately, you can send it “out for cleaning” once in a while.





Showing your main squeeze that you love him – and that you love to laugh with him will be another reminder of how great you are together! Don’t be afraid to venture outside the normal box of boyfriend sweater gifts this season. Try something completely out of the ordinary – and make him laugh. You may find that the “fun” Christmas ends up being your favorite Christmas of them all.


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