Romantic Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Christmas is a time of happiness and joy…and stress. Trying to get just the right romantic gift for your boyfriend can be tricky. You don’t want to put too much romance, but you want it to be meaningful…it can be quite a dilemma. Getting the right gift for your boyfriend requires planning. The best way to show him your romantic side is to pay attention to the details – little things about him that only you notice, or small things that mean a lot to him. You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress him – he’ll appreciate that you put time and effort and creativity into your gift for him. Knowing that you cared enough to go outside the box will endear you to him!
Try a few of these gifts that will fit any budget, and say “I Love You” in a tangible way.




UGG Slippers

Let’s face it – slippers are comfortable. That’s why we love them so much! Give him a pair of his very own, 100% manly slippers and he may swoon. Ok, maybe not. But he will be sporting these around the house all the time. UGG Slippers, in a stylish and traditional look, these slippers will keep his feet comfy and cozy.






Michael Kors Watch

Let him know that he is always on your mind – by giving him a timepiece that matches his personality and style. Watches range in price and design, so you will have no problem picking one out that will be perfect for your guy. You don’t have to go to the high end of the price point to find one that has quality and style. I would recommend a great Michael Kors Watch and one can be found for even under $100 and that will grace his wrist for years to come. With every sweep of the second hand, he’ll know that you love him and are counting the minutes until you can see him again.




Monthly Date Nights

Go beyond the typical dinner and a movie idea with a date night idea that comes right to your door. All the fixings for a gourmet dinner, plus a rental for a Redbox movie will be delivered once a month – perfect for quality time together without having to think about what to do. Choose from three, six or twelve month subscriptions and let him know that you love spending time with him.






Travel & Favorite Shows

Nothing says romance like a weekend getaway. Surprise your boyfriend and plan the weekend yourself and give him the itinerary! Then get him a cute T-Shirt from his favorite show “The Big Bang Theory” and lounge away for the weekend.  Either way, getting away for a couple of days (or longer!) is a meaningful way to spend time with the guy who stole your heart.




Don’t be afraid to add a little romance to your Christmas gift giving – it is the season of love, after all. You know what they say – love isn’t love until you give it away. Shower your guy with love this year!

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